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In our fast paced society, we far too often trade quality for value, personal service for a corporate feel, and true customer service for convenience.  Why is that?  A perfect example is to think about the differences between a backyard cookout versus a fast food burger store. Every industry at some point eventually goes through this same struggle and the pharmacy industry is no different.  So why can’t we have the best of both worlds: quality, value, personal service, true customer service, and convenience? The answer is an independent community pharmacy.

How are independent pharmacies different?

Independent community pharmacies are owned and operated by pharmacists and privately held which allows the pharmacist to provide superior personalized patient care rather than focusing on meeting corporate business performance indicators.  In addition, it allows the pharmacist to be easily available to provide much needed medication services: prescription counseling, medication therapy management, patient-centered care, and medication adherence training.

According to the National Community Pharmacy Association:

  • Independent community pharmacists consult with physicians and other health care professionals about 8.7 times daily on drug therapy.
  • When independent community pharmacists recommend therapeutic changes to prescribers, 78% of the recommendations are accepted.

By closely working with your physician, your pharmacist can help integrally to ensure your medication and healthcare needs are fully addressed. We call this the “triad” relationship. We believe in it so much we made it part of our name. At Trinova Health our value of independence is not only seen…it is felt! Stop by and see for yourself today!

Dr. Silas Raymond

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