Do you have a hard time giving your pets medication? As a full service compounding pharmacy, Trinova Health can help by changing your pets medication in multiple ways. We can compound the medication to a more easily administered form (such as from a pill to a liquid or transdermal gel), or to add a flavor more palatable for your pet. Whether your pet has fur, feathers, a shell, or scales we can help!

Compounding for animals is an essential function we serve at Trinova Health, simply due to the fact that many medications that pets need aren’t available in a commercially manufactured form! This means that quite a few medications for pets come in ways that pets simply don’t like – things like capsules and tablets that taste terrible to your pet. Through the power of compounding, we have the ability to transform your pets medication into a form that they love – making your life and theirs much easier!

Pharmacists are animal lovers too and are equally delighted to provide their medication expertise to provide care to animals of all sizes. As an avid and devoted pet owner, I know the challenges faced when medications are required for my pets. Our pharmacists have had the privilege and challenge of helping develop unique ways to deliver medications for a variety of  species. Please contact us today to see how we can help.